Giraffes can reach top speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour.

The fur-drawing is, like the fingerprint with the human being, unique

The giraffe only must sleep a few minutes a day.

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Kito the boss in the tree savannah.

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As elegant as the giraffes stride through their enclosure from spring to autumn, they are not allowed outside on the site in ice and snow. They could get into trouble on the slippery ground, slip and seriously injure themselves.

Despite its enormous height, giraffes are very fast and agile. They can gallop through grassland at 50 kilometers per hour. Due to its exceptional height, agility, speed and sight, the giraffe...

Giraffes consume up to 35 kilograms of green fodder per day. The extremely peaceful animals feed on buds, shoots and grasses or, thanks to their size, eat leaves directly from the treetops.

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